Building Your Home

WILSON’S BEACH ESTATES is a unique environment. It has a creek, wetlands, a forest, and fields, as well as direct access to Gull Lake. It is in harmony with nature.

The site plan and construction is adding wetlands, enhancing the creek, creating an environmental reserve, protecting open space, and adding an integrated and landscaped trail system. The site plan is in harmony with its environment.

The homes and buildings of Wilson’s Beach Estates should therefore also be in harmony with their environment, with each other, and with the families who live in them. Not only should the houses be harmonious, they should create a melody, and be in rhythm with each other. They should have an organic order and relate to the sun, to the wind, to water, and to the ground.

As our environment has been governed by nature, our buildings and houses have traditionally been created by a timeless way of building.  As our modern and mechanized society has had an impact on the environment, it has also had an impact of the way we design and construct our houses. Wilson’s Beach Estates, while using modern construction techniques and methods, will relay upon traditional design vocabularies to capture the best proven principals and current building practices.